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Pet Hotel

For dogs, cats and other pets

Dalmat, Gierłatowo 8a, 62-330 Nekla
phone: +48 61 4386 931
phone/fax: +48 61 4386 932
mobile: 605 586 020; 605 390 103

How to find us?

When driving the A-2 motorway first take the exit to Września next at the roundabout take the 92 Road to Poznań. We are about 9 kilometers far from this roundabout. Driving along 92 Road on the left you can see the bilboard "Dalmat" and the phone tower (you can see red signalling lamps from dusk on it), at the bilboard turn left, 700 m into Gierłatowo Road and follow the info boards fixed in the trees. When driving the 92 Road - 40 km from Poznań, 10 km from Września (look the map at: "Adres")

Going on holidays or business trip? Let your four or two legged friend rest as well!

Dog`s Trainings

Many years of exerience in breeding dogs " Zagubiona Morena" offers holidays for your favourites: dogs, cats, birds and other pets.


We also offer a wide range of training programms designed to help you and your dog to communicate with one another. The programms are based on very efficient American and European standards and methods.

We specialize in:

Would Like to know how your friend feels in here? Your inspection is always invited, feel free visit our facility for a tour and just check it.

More than one week staying ?
If yes, we have a special souvenir for you a CD/VCD with memories. You can watch it on your PC or DVD recorder

Feel Welcome all the year long

Number of places limited
Open hours 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Monday - Saturday)
On Sundays emergency only.

Prices per day:

When you leave your pet with us, it`s like you're leaving your baby. And that's a responsibility we take very seriously.